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Grove is a very powerful platform developed by Seeed Studio to simplify your IoT projects. Seeed has integrated the grove connector to most boards they produce to make them become a system. This time, we combined Grove with LoRa to provide an ultra-long-range wireless module for you.

The main functional module in Grove - LoRa Radio 868MHz is RFM95, which is a transceiver that features the LoRa long range modem that provides ultra-long range spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity whilst mini-missing current consumption. The heart of Grove - LoRa Radio 868MHz is ATmega168, a widely used chip with very high-performance and low power consumption, especially suitable for this grove module.

There we already integrated a simple wire antenna to receive the signal, if the signal is too weak to receive, don’t worry, the MHF connector next to the antenna is for adding a second antenna that has MHF interface to gain more signal.

This is the 868MHz version, which can be used for 868MHz communication.


    • Using RFM95 module based on SX1276 LoRa®
    • Inputting voltage: 5V/3.3V
    • ~28mA(Avg) @+20dBm continuous transmit
    • ~8.4mA(Avg)@standby mode
    • ~20mA(Avg) @receive mode, BW-500kHz
    • Working Temperature: -20 – 70
    • Communication Interface: UART
    • Simple wire antenna or MHF Connector for external high gain antenna
    • Working Frequency: 868MHz
    • +20dBm - 100 mW Power Output Capability
    • Size: 20mm x 40mm
    • Product number: Seeed 113060006



    • Please keep the antenna vertical to the board and as straight as possible to make the best performance.
    • Please avoid making any big metal object near the antenna and a metal cape is also not recommended if you need to add a cape for your device.

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