Grove - LED Strip Driver

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This LED Strip Driver with 4-pin Grove interface provides easy connectivity to your standard Arduino device or compatible board. It can help you control the luminance of a single-colour (non-addressable) LED strip, as well as the colour and the luminance of a (non-addressable) RGB LED strip through Arduino or Seeeduino.

It has 2 terminals and 2 Grove interfaces. The power for the LED strip comes in through the 2-pin terminal and the LED controlling voltages output through the 4-pin terminal. The 2 Grove interfaces are respectively screen-printed “IN” (for controlling data input) and “OUT” (for controlling data shared with the next strip driver).

It can drive an LED strip 1 to 2 meters long with 9V, while 1 to 5 meters long with 12V. The driver in conjunction with the colourful LED strips can add a wonderful effect to your projects.


  • Grove compatible interface
  • Can be cascaded for a larger display
  • Best results are achieved with non-addressable LED strips 5 meters long or shorter
  • Outputs PWM signals
  • 256 grey levels are adjustable via programming
  • Arduino and MEGA compatible
  • Screw Terminals (power input and control signal output interface)

Package Contents

  • 1x Grove - LED Strip Driver


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