GPIO Header Expansion for Raspberry Pi 400

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This is a single header version of our 2X GPIO Header Expansion for Raspberry Pi 400. Designed specifically to make your hardware projects easier with the Raspberry Pi 400, this GPIO Expansion is a great solution for Pi400 tinkerers!

The Expansion has three great features:

  • It makes access to the Pi 400 GPIO pins MUCH more accessible
  • It labels and colour-codes the GPIO pins to make pin-finding SO much easier!
  • It allows you to attach a HAT at a much more convenient and usable angle/position

The included standoffs and screws also help to stabilise the board once fitted to your Pi 400 (you may want to add a thin piece of card or similar under these if your desk surface is easily scratched).

All you need now is a fancy set of jumper wires and a breadboard!

Package Contents

  • 1x Pi400 GPIO Header Expansion
  • 1x Fixings pack (standoffs and screws)

Raspberry Pi 400 not included!

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