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An accessory board that provides temperature, light, and humidity sensing for IoT applications.

The Environmental Sensor Board is an add-on board (also known as a pHAT or bonnet) that adds sensing capabilities to your Coral Dev Board or Raspberry Pi projects. It provides atmospheric data such as light level, barometric pressure, temperature, and humidity. You can also attach additional sensors with the Grove connectors.

Works with Google Cloud IoT Core

The inclusion of a secure element allows it to work with Google's Cloud IoT Core.

Expandable input

Four integrated Grove connectors allow you to add additional sensors.

Compatible with Coral and Raspberry Pi boards

The 40-pin connector fits onto the Coral Dev Board, Dev Board Mini, or any Raspberry Pi board (the Environmental Sensor Board includes an EEPROM for identification on Raspberry Pi boards).


Display 128x32 OLED display
Security Microchip ECC608 crypto chip with Google keys
Humidity HDC2010 humidity sensor
Light OPT3002 ambient light sensor
Barometric BMP280 barometric pressure sensor
Connections Four Grove connectors, UART, I2C, PWM
Power 3.3/5V analog



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