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The FLIRC Skip 1s Universal Remote Control makes controlling your entertainment center a breeze - from the same fine folks who brought you the FLIRC Raspberry Pi case!

With support for 3 different activities that can be activated with the click of a button, a universe of device combinations is at your fingertips. Leave the simplicity to us, and we'll leave the creativity to you.

Off to See the Wizard

The Skip 1s software allows you to get deep into the weeds, but for most people, the startup wizard will do almost everything needed.

Create an Activity like "Streaming," tell us what devices you use for that Activity, and Skip 1s will do the rest!

The Buttons Panel

The command centre and heart of our software. From here, you can browse all the possible buttons on all the remotes of your different devices, you can switch between Activities, and fine-tune your Skip 1s to perfectly suit your needs.

Any Device, Any Button

Drag and drop any button you want from any of the remotes in your Buttons Panel to any button on the Skip 1s. Feel like dragging the Volume Up button from your TV remote onto your Skip's Home button? That's possible. Feel like creating a Netflix binge macro? Also possible. You have total control.

Works with FLIRC USB!

The Skip 1s remote has been designed from the ground up to integrate with FLIRC USB (not included). A perfect pair made to work together out of the box, so why not put them in the same box? Optionally purchase Skip 1s with our best-selling product and take complete control of your media devices.

The Color Wheel

If you press the Color button directly above the Mute button, you'll activate the colour wheel, temporarily replacing the standard direction buttons with four special colour buttons. Now drag and drop any buttons from your device remotes onto these four special colour buttons.

Personalize Your Skip

Just as Jedi have different coloured lightsabers, so too can you have your own personal Flirc colour ring with Flirc LEDs! Are you green or blue? Red or purple?

Modern Additions

Windowless IR

The first thing to break on most remote controls is that flimsy plastic piece on the front. The Skip 1s is made entirely of strong IR-compatible composite that won't break the moment a 5-year-old touches it, but still has all the range of a powerful universal remote control.


The Skip 1s is ready for a single connector future. USB-C all the way!

And more!

  • Massive Database - The Skip 1s database of remotes is vast and ever-growing. If something is missing, we'll add it in a snap.
  • React Native - The SkipApp is built for Mac and Windows using React Native Desktop with an eye toward speed, adaptability, stability, and portability.
  • No Cloud Reliance - Some companies end up going out of business taking with them your remote. Don't worry, our remotes are designed to outlive our company and will always be designed to work without an active internet connection.
  • Share your Config - Share your configs online, with family or friends. The best part of our SkipApp is being able to quickly help a family member or copy your configuration over to a newly purchased remote. Configuration files are human-readable text files, not protected binary proprietary (ergh).
  • Constant Firmware Updates - With the Skip 1s, we at FLIRC are here for the long haul. We stand by our products so expect constant firmware updates and new features. Buy with confidence!

Package Contents

  • Skip 1s Remote
  • 2x AAA batteries
  • USB-C cable

Optional FLIRC USB not included



  • Which Operating Systems are supported - Windows 10/11, MacOS with support for native Apple Silicon and x86. Linux support is planned.

  • Does the Skip 1s support Bluetooth? No, the Skip 1s only supports IR (infra-red) remotes.

  • What happens if I can't find my device in the Skip database? Please provide FLIC with feedback. It is possible you are looking in the wrong area, but for uncommon devices we are happy to add a profile via support. In the future, it will be possible to map unknown devices directly in the setup software.

  • Can I map more than one remote button to the same Skip button? Yes, each button supports multiple devices and buttons at once.

  • When will new software features get released? Skip setup software and firmware will be released quite frequently as we continue to update. Auto-update functions have been built into the software, so you should always be up to date.

  • Does Skip work with the smart devices that have no IR input? Two workarounds exist for these devices:

    • Most support HDMI-CEC, which means you can control them using your TV remote buttons on the Skip 1s.

    • Many also support USB in, including the Fire TV Stick, Raspberry Pis, and any other HTPC. For those, we suggest pairing your Skip with a Flirc USB for ultimate control.

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