Flexible RGB Full-Colour LED Matrix Panel - 3mm Pitch, 64x64 Pixels

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This RGB LED Matrix panel is made from a lighter and thinner material than our standard matrix units, making it flexible and allowing you to make some cool curved displays!

This LED matrix panel contains 4096 individual RGB LEDs which you can control with your favourite compatible microcontroller. The matrix has 64x64 LEDs with a 3mm pitch, suitable for text, animations and more.

The 192x192mm panel includes two HUB75 headers for data, one for input and another for output, which allows you to chain multiple panels together for even larger displays - just keep an eye on current usage and ensure you have an adequate power supply. Power is fed to the unit via the central VCC/GND header.

The LED matrix comes with cables and accessories (see the image below under the Package Contents section). The product wiki includes some demo code and wiring instructions to help you get started with a Raspberry Pi Pico, Arduino Mega and ESP boards!

Important Notes

  • Despite the panel being flexible, do not bend it excessively or repeatedly or it will be permanently damaged
  • A 5V 4A power supply is recommended

Need a different size/type?

We offer these Waveshare LED matrix units in different sizes with different LED pitch layouts, allowing you to find the right option for your specific project - check out the Waveshare range here or simply view our entire LED matrix section!


  • Flexible!
  • 4096 individual RGB LEDs, full-colour display
  • Adjustable brightness
  • 64x64 pixels, 3mm pitch - display text, colourful images or animations
  • 192×192mm dimensions - suitable for DIY desktop display or wall mount display
  • Two HUB75 headers, one for controller data input, one for output (chain support)
  • Demo code for use with Raspberry Pi Pico, Arduino and more
  • 5V 4A power supply recommended


Dimensions 192mm × 192mm
Pixels 64×64 = 4096 LEDs
Pitch 3mm
Pixel Form 1R1G1B
Viewing Angle ≥140°
Control Type synchronization
Driving 1/32 scan
Header HUB75
Power Supply 5V / 4A(VH4 header input)
Power ≤20W



Pin Description Pin Description
VCC 5V power input GND Ground
R1 R higher bit data R2 R lower bit data
G1 G higher bit data G2 G lower bit data
B1 B higher bit data B2 B lower bit data
A A line selection B B line selection
C C line selection D D line selection
E E line selection CLK clock input
LAT/STB latch pin OE output enable

Package Contents

  • 1x RGB-Matrix-P3-64x64-F LED matrix and accessories
  • 1x Power supply terminal adapter
  • 1x 16P wire ~30cm

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