Electronics Kit for Pico (Lite Edition)

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This low-cost simple to use electronics kit includes everything you need to make 10 great Raspberry Pi Pico projects!

The well-documented projects, including a lie detector and servo control, teach you electronics and coding with your Pico in an easy to follow format.

The kit also includes a free download of a 68-page instruction book by Simon Monk! You can also use the parts in this kit to follow along with the projects in the new Programming the Pico book.

A Raspberry Pi Pico is not included - click here if you'd like to buy one. The kit includes headers that will need to be soldered to your Pico (or just grab one of our pre-soldered Picos).

Kit Contents

  • 1x Solderless Breadboard 400 point
  • 10x Male to male jumper wires
  • 1x Micro-servomotor and accessory bag
  • 2x Strip of 0.1inch 20-way header pins
  • 5x 470Ω resistor
  • 2x 1kΩ resistor
  • 1x 4.7MΩ resistor
  • 2x Red LED
  • 1x RGB LED (10mm)
  • 2x Tactile push switch (2-pin)
  • 1x Phototransistor
  • 1x Piezo buzzer

Raspberry Pi Pico not included

Ten Great Raspberry Pi Pico Projects

The kit includes ten projects and an online instruction manual to follow:

  • Make an LED blink
  • Make 2 LEDs blink
  • RGB Colour Display
  • Touch Switch
  • Servo Control
  • Thermometer
  • Thermometer PLUS!
  • Light meter
  • Fader
  • Lie Detector

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