Eight Thermocouples DAQ 8-Layer Stackable HAT for Raspberry Pi

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This 8-layer Stackable HAT provides precise temperature monitoring with up to 64 thermocouple sensors. It utilizes 24-bit delta-sigma A/D converters for high accuracy, which can be further enhanced through calibration. It is compatible with all Raspberry Pi models from Zero to 5. The card design uses only two GPIO pins for I2C bus connection, leaving most GPIOs free for other uses. It's easy to power, requiring only 5V, either from the Raspberry Pi or an external connector.

There are eight LEDs, which indicate when preset temperature thresholds are reached. A six-position DIP switch on the card helps configure the RS485 port and stack position, allowing up to eight cards to be stacked. The RS485 port expands its capabilities, allowing communication with RS485-compatible devices. For safety, the card includes reverse power supply protection which is done through a 5.8A, 39 mOhm MOSFET that breaks the ground line if reverse power is applied, and it features a push button for safely shutting down the Raspberry Pi, preventing SD card damage.


  • Eight Thermocouples DAQ 8-Layer Stackable HAT for Raspberry Pi
  • Supports Thermocouples type J, K, T, N, E, B, R and S
  • 24-bit delta-sigma A/D converters
  • Ultra-low drift (0.005µV/ºC) low offset (50µV) amplifiers
  • Factory accuracy: 1%
  • Maximum accuracy (through calibration): 0.1%
  • Maximum acquisition speed 40 cps
  • RS485/MODBUS transceiver with in and out ports
  • Programmable threshold LEDs on all inputs
  • Pluggable Connectors 26-16 AWG wires for power and RS485
  • On-board hardware watchdog
  • Reverse polarity power supply protection
  • General Purpose Pushbutton
  • On-board resettable fuse

What's on Board

  1. RS485 Input Port
  2. Ten Thermistors Increase Measurement Accuracy
  3. Screw-mount Connectors for Thermocouples
  4. Blinking Power LED
  5. Eight Threshold Programmable Input LEDs
  6. RS485 Output Port
  7. PCB Gaps for Temperature Isolation
  8. Stack Level Selection Switches
  9. RS485 Terminator and Selector


Package Contents

  • 1x 8-Thermocouples DAQ HAT for Raspberry Pi
  • 4x M2.5 x 18mm male-female brass standoffs
  • 4x M2.5 x 5mm brass screws
  • 4x M2.5 brass nuts
  • Female Connector Plugs

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