DiP-Pi Universal Solo Case for Pico

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The DiP-Pi Universal Solo is a case + prototyping PCB set for your Raspberry Pi Pico (not included), an easy and convenient way to create and house your Pico project whilst also having the ability to attach other Pico add-on boards on top!

The set includes a black aluminium profile enclosure with clear plastic top and laser-cut acrylic side panels, a custom proto PCB that your Pico slots into (no soldering required, depending on the application) and fixings.

The prototyping PCB allows you to create your own circuit by soldering components directly to the board, using the unpopulated pads on the PCB. The pads directly next to each Pico pin are connected to that pin, giving you an easy hookup option. The transparent top cover allows you to see your circuit's components too - be it an LED, display or other components.

As the Pico's pins are pushed through the proto PCB, you can also attach other Pico add-on boards as well, as long as the add-on has dimensions within 34mm wide x 100mm long.

DiP-Pi cases can be used as a stand-alone device or screwed to rails. Raspberry Pi Pico not included

Simple Assembly - No Soldering Required!

Assembly of DiP-Pi cases is quick and easy:

  • Fit your Pico to the PCB (no soldering required due to the grip-fit, however some applications may require soldering)
  • Fit one acrylic end to the aluminium profile and secure with 4 screws
  • Slide the correct end of the PCB through the case, with the little PCB 'tongue' sliding into the acrylic to hold it in place
  • Line up the other acrylic end panel, ensuring the other PCB 'tongue fits into the slot, then secure with 4 screws
  • Slide the clear top cover into place


  • Case dimensions (Length/Width/height): 57mm x 43mm x 30mm
  • Pico HAT compatibility: Compatible with most Pico add-on boards with dimensions within 34mm wide x 100mm long
  • Mounting type: Standalone or rail mounting
  • Case colour: Black
  • Top cover colour: Transparent

Package Contents

  • 1x Custom Proto PCB for Pico
  • 1x Aluminium profile enclosure
  • 1x Transparent top cover
  • 2x Acrylic side panels
  • 8x screws
  • Cut card (can be used for reassurance to avoid contact between PCB and metal case)

Raspberry Pi Pico not included

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