3DQF Clear Blue Rapid-Cure 3D Printer Resin

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Looking for a new Rapid-Cure LCD 3D printing Resin? 3DQF has got you covered!

3DQF Rapid-Cure printing Resin is made right here in the UK by a world-class leading resin manufacturer. 3DQF have worked with a number of manufacturers over the years refining the product and building upon what we have learned, and are now finally happy to release to market our new UV Rapid-Cure UV 3D Printing Resin.

This is 3DQF Clear Blue resin in a 1kg bottle, an eye-catching translucent blue - great for a variety of models and a nice change from the default grey.

Not only is this a world-class resin that competes with the biggest brands but it’s also affordable! Surpassing imported UV printing resin from the other side of the world and delivering on the consistency of supply and price.

3DQF Fast-Cure 3D printing resin is a high-performance material designed for use in high-detail 3D printing applications. It has been specifically formulated to work with monochromatic LCD printers, having been tested on a number of machines including, but not limited to, the Anycubic Photon S, Elegoo Mars, Epax E10 and Phrozen Sonic Mini.

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Printing Performance

LCD Type RGB UV LCD Monochromatic UV LCD
Base Layer Exposure time 50-80 Sec 20-50 Sec
Normal Layer exposure time 4-8 Sec 1.5-3.5 Sec
Layer height 50μm
Printing Temperature 23⁰C

Mechanical Properties

Parameter Test Method Rapid
Tensile strength (MPa) ISO 527-2 Type 1A 53
Tensile modulus (GPa) ISO 527-2 Type 1A 2.5
Tensile elongation (%) ISO 527-2 Type 1A 3.2
Flex strength (MPa) ISO 178 86
Flex modulus (GPa) ISO 178 2.5
Shore D Hardness ISO 868 84D
HDTºC ISO 87-2 Method A (1.8MPa) 60
*60 mins at 60ºC + 405mm UV Post Cure for cured properties.
 **16 mins at 60ºC + 405mm UV Post Cure for cured properties.


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