150mm Stainless Steel Vernier Calipers

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All the cool kids are going digital but you're not about that battery-dependant life. You're classic, you're old school and you want your measurement tools to function during a power cut (or during the zombie apocalypse)- and that's why you're checking out these awesome stainless steel vernier calipers!

Delivered in a robust black storage box, these calipers offer internal, external and depth measurement in millimetres (no inches on these, sorry USA friends, maybe check out our digital ones instead?). Naturally robust due to the tough stainless steel construction, these calipers are a solid option for your workshop or makerspace.

Measurements are accurate to 0.2mm by using the vernier scale, which is made easier thanks to the thumbwheel lock, holding your caliper's position in place whilst you check.

If we haven't convinced you that old school is old cool, you can check out our 150mm and 100mm digital calipers instead.


  • 150mm vernier calipers
  • Millimetre scale
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Vernier scale accurate to 0.02mm
  • Internal, external and depth measurement
  • Thumbwheel lock
  • Ideal as your first set of manual calipers

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