Chip Quik Tack Flux 10cc Syringe with Plunger and Tip (SMD291)

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The Chipquik Tack Flux 10cc Syringe is ideal for all rework, solder, de-solder, and reflow applications!

The tack flux is non-corosive, non-conductive, no-clean and it won't run all over your PCB when applied. In our GIF demo we used the syringe to apply the tack flux on an Adafruit Metro and then used a Chipquik SMD Removal Kit for the rest!

  • Flux Type: Synthetic No-Clean (for Leaded and Lead-Free applications)
  • Flux Classification: REL0
  • Packaging: 10cc/10g Syringe
  • Shelf Life
    Refrigerated >24 months, unrefrigerated >24 months
  • Stencil Life
    >8 hours @ 20-50% RH 22-28C (72-82F)
    >4 hours @ 50-70% RH 22-28C (72-82F)
  • Stencil Cleaning
    Automated stencil cleaning systems for both stencil and misprinted boards. Manual cleaning using isopropyl alcohol (IPA).
  • Storage and Handling
    Store refrigerated or at room temperature 3-25C (37-77F). Do not freeze. Allow 4 hours for flux to reach an operating temperature of 20-25C (68-77F) before use.

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