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The Breakout Pi Zero is a useful and versatile prototyping expansion board for the Raspberry Pi Zero computer.

All of the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins except GPIO 24, ID_SC and ID_SD are broken out into separate pads and 3.3 volt, 5 volt and ground rails run down the sides of the prototyping area on board.

The board has a working area with pads arranged into groups of three pins.

The board is supplied as a ready to solder kit with a 40 pin header to connect to the Raspberry Pi.

You can use our optional mount kit pack to secure your prototyping board to your Raspberry Pi.


Compatibility Chart

Raspberry Pi Model A No
Raspberry Pi Model B No
Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+ Yes
Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+ Yes
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Yes
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B/B+ Yes
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Yes
Raspberry Pi Zero / ZeroW Yes

Mechanical Dimensions

Breakout Pi Zero Mechanical Drawing

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