Breakout for Particulate Matter Sensor (PMS5003)

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This handy little adapter allows you to easily break out the 8-pin 1.25mm connection from your PM2.5 Particulate Matter Sensor cable to breadboard-friendly 2.54mm pins.

The pin section is at a right-angle making it easy to use with a breadboard, or just connect female jumper wires directly.


The adapter breaks out to the following 2.54mm pinout (note that most PMS sensors have two NC lines ("no connection") hence why the 2.54mm pinout offers just 6 pins):

  • VCC
  • GND
  • SET
  • RXD
  • TXD
  • RST

Compatible with PMS1003, PMS3003, PMS5003 and similar pin-compatible sensors.

Note: PMS sensor not included

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