BMM150 3-Axis Magnetometer Sensor

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The BMM150 is a high-performance 3-axis magnetometer sensor, designed to provide accurate and reliable magnetic field measurements for a wide range of applications. This compact and versatile sensor is part of Bosch Sensortec's sensor family, offering exceptional precision and sensitivity to detect even the smallest changes in the magnetic field.

With its 3-axis measurement capability, the BMM150 can detect magnetic fields along the X, Y, and Z axes simultaneously. This ensures comprehensive and reliable data acquisition, enabling you to obtain a comprehensive view of the surrounding magnetic environment

It also supports both I2C and SPI interface communication. It uses the I2C interface by default, but you can easily switch to SPI communication by configuring the onboard resistor. This versatility offers flexibility and convenience in integrating the sensor into various projects and systems, allowing seamless communication with different microcontrollers and devices.


  • Onboard BMM150 for measuring the magnetic field in three perpendicular axes
  • Supports I2C/SPI interface communication, I2C interface by default, SPI switchable via onboard resistor
  • Onboard voltage translator, compatible with 3.3V/5V level
  • Comes with online development resources and manual (examples for Raspberry Pi / Raspberry Pi Pico / Arduino / ESP32)


Communication Interface I2C / SPI (I2C bus by default)
Power Supply 3.3V~5V
Magnetic Measuring Range 1300μt (X, Y axis), 2500μt (Z axis)
Resolution 0.3μT
Operating Temperature -40℃ ~ +85 ℃
Dimensions 29 x 20mm



VCC 3.3V/5V power supply VCC 3.3V/5V power supply
GND Ground GND Ground
SDA I2C data SDO SPI data, can be connected to host MISO
SCL I2C clock SDI SPI data, can be connected to host MOSI
INT interrupt output, can be connected to I/O SCK SPI clock input
CS Chip selection, can be connected to I/O
DRY Data sending/receiving ready state, can be connected to I/O

Package Contents

  1. 1x BMM150 3-Axis Magnetometer Sensor
  2. 1x PH2.0 5PIN cable

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