Bluetooth Keyboard & Bracket for OneNineDesign Touchscreen Case

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This clever Bluetooth keyboard and bracket kit allows you to add a compact keyboard to your OneNineDesign Raspberry Pi 4 Touchscreen Case. The bracket screws into the fixing points on the bottom of your touchscreen case to create a compact workstation setup for your Raspberry Pi!

Note: This item is for the Bluetooth keyboard and bracket only. You will also need a touchscreen case and an Official Raspberry Pi Touchscreen (as well as a Raspberry Pi and usual power/SD/accessories).

Simply fix the bracket to your case with the two included screws and then connect your Raspberry Pi 4 to the keyboard via the usual Raspberry Pi OS Bluetooth desktop icon. More information on assembly and connecting the keyboard can be found below.

When not in use, you can gently fold the unit together - great for storage and packing away for travel! If you accidentally leave the keyboard on it will go into standby mode to save power.

The keyboard has an internal lithium battery and comes with a Micro-USB charging cable which should last for ~45 hours of working time / ~90 days of standby time. During charging the indicator light will turn red and will turn off once charging is complete.

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  • This keyboard and bracket combo will only fit the OneNineDesign Pi 4 case for the Official Raspberry Pi Touchscreen
  • The keyboard works with Raspberry Pi OS however the function buttons are not usable. Other operating systems are not tested so we can't guarantee compatibility.
  • The keyboard can also be used on its own with Windows (XP or above), Android (3.0 or above) and most IOS devices (iMac/Macbooks with MAC OS X 10.2.8, although some exceptions may apply such as the Mac Mini).

Package Contents

  • 1x Bluetooth Keyboard
  • 1x Keyboard Bracket for the OneNineDesign Pi 4 Touchscreen case
  • 1x Micro-USB charging cable
  • 1x Keyboard Manual

Touchscreen, touchscreen case and Raspberry Pi not included


  • Integrated rechargeable Lithium battery
  • Operating Distance <10m
  • Standby time approx 90 days
  • Working time Approx 45 hours (depending on usage)
  • Bluetooth version 3.0 + EDR Airoha Chip


Always protect your touchscreen from damage whenever fitting/disassembling the keyboard or case. We recommend a clean, firm & soft surface, like a soft tea towel on a table or similar.

  • The package includes the keyboard and bracket separately which need to be fitted together before attaching to your touchscreen case. Slide the keyboard into the bracket so that it slips under the 'One Nine Design' tab at the top of the bracket. You then need to press firmly on each of the lower sides to click the keyboard into the adapter (it needs a solid push!).
  • Once assembled, use the two included screws to secure the bracket to your touchscreen case. Ensure a firm 'push' when screwing in to get a good bite on the plastic material.

Bluetooth Connection

  • Fully charge the keyboard before first use
  • Turn your Raspberry Pi on and wait for the desktop to appear (fully booted)
  • Now turn on the keyboard and click the 'CONNECT' button. The Bluetooth indicator light should start flashing
  • Click on the Bluetooth icon on the Raspberry Pi desktop then select 'Add Device'

Raspberry Pi Bluetooth Add Device

  • Wait for a few moments for 'Bluetooth Keyboard' to appear
    • If you don't see any devices, try turning Bluetooth off and on again from the same menu, or reboot your Pi
    • If you just see a random string of letters and numbers and can't identify the keyboard, see our troubleshooting step below

Raspberry Pi Bluetooth select device

  • You should now see a confirmation that the connection has been made - you're ready to go!


Problem: I can't see 'Bluetooth Keyboard' in the list of available devices, just a bunch of random numbers and letters. Which one is the keyboard?

Solution: Try turning Bluetooth off then on again, and try again. Alternatively, open a terminal window and type the command hcitool scan then hit Enter - this will show you the names of each available local Bluetooth device and their device ID. Make a note of the last 4 characters of the ID and select that when in the Bluetooth menu.

Raspberry Pi HCI Tool

Problem: The keyboard won't turn on

Solution: The battery may be out of charge. Turn the keyboard to the 'OFF' position and use the included charging cable to charge the internal battery. Make sure you're using a USB port with at least 500mA output (PC USB ports may not provide sufficient charge - your mileage may vary)

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