Black Slim Cube Case for Watchy

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Sure, you can use your SQFMI Watchy without a case, but then you're playing with fire whilst paddling in petrol - the risk of damage is like 1000% greater! No, you want protection, but you also want it compact too. You want to have all the cake, eat it, and then eat theirs too...

...and that's fine, the Slim Cube case + strap has got you covered!

The Slim cube is the most compact case solution we offer for your shiny new wrist-computer. It's no wimp either, thanks to the CNC anodised aluminium, keeping everything safe inside (except the display- no Watchy cases protect the display).

A soft, braided grey elastic strap is included which feels great on your arm. Not too tight - not too loose - and totally adjustable.

BE VERY CAREFUL when assembling. Due to the compact nature of this case everything sits inside VERY snug - make sure nothing is forcing pressure on the display when you screw everything together. If in doubt, start again.

Package Contents

  • Black Slim Cube Case for Watchy, including:
    • Top and Bottom Case
    • 4 x Buttons
    • 4 x Screws
    • 1 x Screwdriver
  • Braided Elastic Strap (Grey)

Watchy not included

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