Argon POD 2.8" Capacitive Touch Display Module

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The Argon POD 2.8" Display module is designed to be used with the modular Argon POD case for the Raspberry Pi Zero (sold separately). It adds a 2.8" capacitive touch display, 4 user-programmable buttons and an IR receiver to your POD system!

Important Notes

  • You need two other items to use this module:
  • Your Pi Zero will require GPIO pins to use the POD display
  • You will need to install scripts to enable the POD display and configure the buttons/display

The POD 2.8" Display module simply pushes onto your assembled Pod case (with USB HDMI module attached and soldered GPIO headers) to provide a compact display and four programmable buttons. An embedded IR receiver is also onboard for IR controls.

The module continues the sleek look and feel of the POD system, matching the lines perfectly and providing an easy-to-use, seamless upgrade for your project.

Other pod modules are sold separately (see below for info).

Community Video

Shows a complete working POD system with other POD modules (not included):

Argon POD System

The Argon POD system allows you to seamlessly connect other POD modules to expand the capability of your Pi Zero/project whilst maintaining the great looks of the case.

Two other Argon POD modules are currently available, as well as the core POD case, offering the following enhancements:

  • POD USB HDMI - Converters the Zero's Mini-HDMI to full-size HDMI and offers an additional 3x USB 2.0 ports (required when using the POD Display Module)
  • POD USB LAN - Provides an Ethernet LAN port and an additional 2x USB 2.0 ports
  • POD UPS + RTC - Coming soon!


  • Add-on module for the Argon POD case system
  • Adds a 2.8" capacitive touch display
  • 320x240
  • Adds four user-programmable buttons
  • IR receiver**
  • ili9341 LCD driver

Package Contents

  • 1x POD 2.8" Display Module

Other POD modules not included


  • Pod installation guide (shows instructions for all cases/modules in the Pod range)
  • **IR usage/examples is not yet documented by Argon40 - however - we requested this information and were told that currently the IR is connected same as the Argon Products and LIRC recommendation. Most of the current documentation that works with Argon One should also work with the POD display.

Installing the Display Driver

  • You will need access to the Terminal App in your Raspberry Pi Zero. You can do this either via SSH or by connecting another HDMI Display and keyboard to your setup.
  • Connect to the internet to allow you to download the driver
  • Type the text below in the terminal to initiate the installation of the Pod display driver:
curl | bash
  • Select the appropriate menu settings
  • Reboot to initiate the changes
  • Type the command below in the terminal to enter the Pod system config settings:
  • To uninstall the POD Script type the following command in a terminal window:
  • Always reboot after changing any configuration of uninstallation in order for changes to take effect

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