Arducam Mega 5MP SPI Camera Module - Autofocus

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One camera for all! Arducam's MEGA SPI cameras offer makers an easy-to-use, compact camera solution that works with any standard SPI interface, allowing use on most SBCs and microcontrollers (as long as they have SPI - most do!).

No memory is required for register settings or frame buffers, and they are fully compatible with 3.3 and 5V systems. High-level commands are built-in allowing you to manipulate the camera through API access like using a DSLR camera via button clicks. 

This is the autofocus version (we will also be stocking an M12 lens and a NOIR M12 lens option).


  • Extremely easy to use - High-level commands were built in so you manipulate the camera through API access like using a DSLR camera via button clicks.
  • Programmable Autofocus - Equipped with an Autofocus Lens which can achieve autofocus at different distances. Suitable for the IoT activities.
  • Multiplexing Made Easy - Up to 4 cameras running on a single MCU by using an adapter board. They capture at the same time with sequential readout.
  • Open Source SDK: The SDK is fully open-source with lean architecture with a hardware abstraction layer, which allows you to add a new MCU without effort.
  • One Fits All: It fits any microcontroller with a single standard SPI interface (either native or mimic). 8-bit, 16-bit or 32-bit, ARM, RISC-V, or others. Arduino, STM8/STM32, ESP8266/ESP32, MSP430, Nordic, Renesas, and countless more!


Optical Size 1/4”
Speed 8Mhz
Number of effective pixels 2592×1944
Power Supply 3.3V/5V
Interface SPI(4-wire)
Shutter Type Rolling Shutter
Colour Filter Colour
Power Consumption(ldle/Working) 182mW-650mW
Field of View 68.75°(D)
F.NO F2.0
Lens Type Stock Lens
Focal Length 3.3mm
Focus Distance 8cm-INF
Electric Current (Idle/Working) 55mA-154mA
Output Format RGB/YUV/JPEG
Camera Board Size 33x33x17 mm

Package Contents

  • 1 x Arducam Mega 5MP SPI Camera - Autofocus version
  • 1 x 300mm 6-pin cable

MCU not included


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