Adafruit Soft Flexible Wire NeoPixel Strand - 50 NeoPixels

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We have all sorts of LED strips for a wide range of needs. Chonky strips? We got those! Strips with alligator clips that are easy-peasy to MakeCode? Oh definitely. Weatherproof? We have a gamut of options.

And here's a new variation, a veritable bundle of Soft Flexible Wire Mini NeoPixels! Attaching NeoPixel strips to your costume can be a struggle as the flexible PCBs can crack when bent too much. So how to add little dots of color? Use this stranded NeoPixel that uses soft cords of plated wire! They're very small, so they're easy to embed into any structure, costume, or wearable. The wires can be sewn over, or embedded in a casting.

The strip is made of flexible wires with a coated NeoPixel every ~100mm (~4 inches) with a total of 50 LEDs. It does not come with weatherproof sheathing so you cannot wash these or dunk them underwater. You can cut the strand pretty easily with wire cutters. Note that while the wires are coated so they don't short against each other, that coating will wear off over time especially when flexed, so avoid abrasion or repeated flexing of the connector cables.

Connecting to these is a little tricky because there's no power/data markings (there's no PCB!) So instead, look at the dot at the end of the strand. The wire closet to the green dot is ground. The wire on the opposite side is power. The center line is data in. There's two ways to determine the input pixel. One is the green dot is actually a 'pointy' dot and the point shows the direction of the data. The other way is to hold the first pixel so the dot is closest to you, the input is then on the right side.

The strands come with connectors pre-attached but you can carefully solder to the flexible wires as well. You can pick up 3-pin JST set to turn it into a quick connection. Of course, you can also connect strands together to make them longer, just watch how much current you need! We have a 5V/5A supply that should be able to drive 1 meterYou must use a 5V DC power supply to power these strips, do not use higher than 6V or you can destroy the entire strip.

We have a tutorial showing NeoPixel wiring, power usage calculations, example code for usage, etc. Please check it out!

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