Raspberry Pi Zero W NoIR Camera Pack (Includes Pi Zero W) [Discontinued]

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We've got to hand it to Raspberry Pi - adding a camera port and built-in WiFi to the already awesome Raspberry Pi Zero W was a brilliant move. Now you can add one of the awesome Raspberry Pi cameras to your Pi Zero W to make a super low-cost, functional camera!

This pack provides (almost) everything to get your Raspberry Pi Zero W camera project up and running. Just add a Micro-USB power supply and a MicroSD card you're ready to go!

Please note this pack includes the V2 camera module, not the newer Cameras Module 3 (as the Camera Module 3 does not fit the case lid).

Pack Contents

Important Notes

  • The mini camera cable comes packaged inside the Pi Zero case
  • This pack includes a Raspberry Pi Zero W - NOT the Zero 2W
  • This pack includes a NoIR camera module for night photography. You will need to flood the target with IR light
  • You will need a Micro-USB power supply and microSD card

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