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Adafruit PCB Coaster - Minerva + Adabot [ADA3710]

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You've been burning the midnight oil cobbling your latest maker project. Wait, what time is it? Whether you're a night owl (like Minerva!) or an early bird getting the worm, don't forget to stay hydrated! And what better way to keep your workspace free of condensation stains than with these durable yet completely charming PCB Coasters!

This coaster features Minerva and Adabot on an extra-sturdy 2.4mm thick FR4 PCB bursting with black silk, copper cladding, and golden highlights. To let the natural copper beauty come through, and maintain durability, we specified a clear mask and finished with electroless nickel immersion gold (ENIG), so they look incredible and last for years. Also packaged are four clear bumpers for a lil' extra stability, stick them on the bottom for a good grip.

These coasters were designed by Saar Drimer at Boldport, if you like this design you'll love their kit subscription service!

  • 100mm diameter hexagon
  • 2.4mm thick FR4
  • 2 sided 1 oz copper
  • 2 sided clear mask
  • ENIG coating
  • Black silkscreen outline

Product Dimensions: 112.0mm x 100.0mm x 2.4mm / 4.4" x 3.9" x 0.1"

Product Weight: 43.9g / 1.5oz