NeoPixel Triple-Ring Board with 44 Thru-Hole LEDs (66mm Diameter)

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Whether they're rings, strips, panels, matrices, we love glowing up projects with LEDs. And here's an interesting new board! Is it half of an electronic Oreo cookie? Nay! It's a NeoPixel Triple-Ring Board with Thru-Hole LEDs.

This board is dotted with 44 adorable bubble-shaped lightly-diffused 5mm NeoPixel LEDs. Use just like any NeoPixel ring or strip, power with 5V and send it WS2812/NeoPixel signals. The signal pads on the bottom are labeled DI for data input, and DO for data output (to other rings).

The diffused LEDs have an interesting look compared to our other flat rings, and we like the multi-ring effect.

Technical Details

  • Diameter: 66mm
  • Overall Height: 9mm

Product Weight: 18.4g / 0.6oz

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