Adafruit High Density NeoPixel UV LED Strip with 60 LED/m - White PCB - 1M

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What new iteration of the NeoPixel strip is this? Roll out the black light and disco ball! It's an Adafruit High-Density NeoPixel Ultraviolet Strip with 60 UV 5050-sized LEDs per meter! Each order comes as a single one-meter-long strip. If you order multiple meters, you'll get that many individual 1-meter pieces.

The strip is made of flexible PCB material and comes with a weatherproof sheathing. You can cut this stuff pretty easily with wire cutters. There are cut lines every 2cm (1 LED each). Solder to the 0.1" copper pads, and you're good to go. We have a 5V/2A supply that should be able to drive 1 or more meters (depending on use) and a 5V/10A supply that can drive 5 meters (or more, if you are not lighting up all the LEDs at once) You must use a 5V DC power supply to power these strips; do not use higher than 6V, or you will destroy the entire strip. Yikes!

Comes with a 2-pin JST SM connector on each end.

To wire up these strips we suggest picking up some JST SM plug and receptacle cables. Please note, we try hard to get consistent wiring between batches of strips but we can't guarantee it. Please double-check which side is the input and which is the output by looking at the strip for the directional arrows and pin labelling.

You can use these with any 'NeoPixel' or WS2812 driver (FastLED, etc). The R, G, and B channels translate to the three individual UV diodes. So we recommend you pretty much just set all three channels to the same value, ranging from (0, 0, 0) to (255, 255, 255) to change the brightness of the three UV LEDs inside each 5mm x 5mm package.


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