Adafruit EYESPI Pi Beret - Buttons, EYESPI and STEMMA QT

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Raspberry PiRaspberry Pi 4 Model B
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Raspberry Pi's make for handy lil computers, but they're really wonderful when you can connect all sorts of nifty hardware to them: color TFT or E-Ink displays, and sensors are our go-to favorites. Even better is when we make it fast and effortless to wire these up. With this new EYESPI Pi Beret, there's no more counting pins or noodling with a breakout board. This slim HAT plugs in and gives you lots of hardware connection options so that many projects become plug-and-play.

Our most recent display breakouts have come with a new feature: an 18-pin "EYE SPI" standard FPC connector with a flip-top connector. This is intended to be a sort of "STEMMA QT for displays" - a way to quickly connect and extend display wiring that uses a lot of SPI pins. In this case, we need a lot of SPI and accessory pins, and we want to be able to use long distances, so we go with an 18-pin 0.5mm pitch FPC.

With such a slim and flexible cable, it's easy to have displays anywhere without them physically attached to the Pi like in our PiTFTs. Accessorize with big bold colourful displays or power-sipping E-Ink.

Don't forget you'll also want an 18-pin EYESPI FPC cable. And of course one of our EYESPI displays too - look for the EYESPI logo on the back to know you've got one that can clip in.

  • MOSI/MISO/SCK SPI pins are connected to the default SPI port on the Raspberry Pi
  • SDA/SCL I2C pins are connected to the default I2C port on the Pi
  • Display CS on Raspberry Pi CE 0
  • Display DC on Raspberry Pi GPIO #25
  • Display Reset on Raspberry Pi GPIO #27
  • Display Busy on Raspberry Pi GPIO #17 (used for E-Inks)
  • Display Backlight on Raspberry Pi GPIO #18 (there's a jumper to cut/disable this if you want to use the PWM output for other uses like NeoPixels)
  • Touch CS on Raspberry Pi CE 1
  • Touch IRQ on Raspberry Pi GPIO #24

The remaining EYESPI pins are not connected, leaving you with plenty of GPIO for other accessory boards.

We also have a Stemma QT connector for the I2C port, to make connecting all sorts of Qwiic/Stemma QT devices super easy, two tactile switches on GPIO #5 and #6 and a slide switch on GPIO #13 which you can use for any sort of interface project or configuration.

Display and EYESPI cable are NOT included.


  • Product Dimensions: 64.8mm x 15.0mm x 9.7mm
  • Product Weight: 5.4g


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