Accessories Kit for Sequent I/O Learning HAT

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The I/O Accessories Kit contains six cable assemblies which allow you to experiment with the I/O interfaces of the Sequent Learning HAT for the Raspberry Pi (available separately).

The Node-RED tutorial includes descriptions of each interface, teaching you how to interact with it without writing a single line of code. Command line and Python drivers are also available for each assembly.

Each accessory comes pre-wired with a connector plug. Simply plug it into the corresponding port and run the software.


  • I/O Accessories Kit for the Sequent I/O Learning HAT
  • Includes:
    • ON-OFF-ON Switch
    • Thermistor
    • Photoresistor
    • Potentiometer
    • RS485 Temperature and Humidity Sensor
    • Micromotor

Kit Contents

ON-OFF-ON Switch

The switch can be used to demonstrate how to read the contact closure inputs.


The thermistor can be used to measure ambient temperature using the 0-10V input.


The photoresistor will let you measure light. You can use it to turn lights on at dark, to see when somebody enters a room, or for any application which needs light. It can be read also with the 0-10V input.


Used also with the 0-10V input, the potentiometer will let you simulate the analog output of a sensor which you can display in Node-RED.

RS485 Temperature & Humidity Sensor

The sensor requires two connectors, one with 2 pins going to the RS485 data port and one with 3 pins going into the 4-20mA input port for power. Use Node-RED to read ambient temperature and humidity.


Plug the micromotor into the MOTOR port and use Node-RED to control the speed and direction. Use it with a SERVO connected to the 6 pin header (SERVO not included) and build a small robot driven by Raspberry Pi.

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