8 Relay Card for Raspberry Pi [discontinued]

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Sequent Microsystems The 8-RELAY card is a stackable expansion card for Raspberry Pi B+, 2, 3, 4 and Zero. It offers a compact and inexpensive solution for adding up to 64 relays to a Raspberry Pi project.

Limits! This card can switch 120VAC/4A (24V if DC). If you need to switch higher voltages/currents, the 4-relay card is rated to 250VAC/10A.

Please Note. The IO-Plus has 8 relays plus a lot of IO functions: 8 ADC inputs, 4 DAC outputs, 8 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs.

The 8 Relay is 8 level stackable, yielding a total of 64 relays in one stack. You can also create a stack with up to 4 MegaIO and up to 4 more 8Relay cards.

Two of the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins are used for I2C communication, leaving 24 GPIO pins available for the user.

8-RELAY adds the following I/O functions:

  • Eight on-board relays
  • Eight later stackable: add up to 64 relays to your Raspberry Pi
  • Command line, python drivers

Technical Specifications:

  • Relay limits (due to PCB construction)
    • Relay max current/voltage: 4A/120VAC (24V if DC)
  • Power requirements
    • 10 mA @ +5V (all relays off)
    • 750 mA @ 5V (all relays on)

Package Contents

  • 8 Relay board
  • Mounting hardware and jumpers
  • Relay connector plugs


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