5V USB-C Dual Supply - Dual Ideal Diodes

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Power USB-C devices from two USB-C power sources!

Where does power go? Power from each USB-C input (A/B) connector goes via a MOSFET "Ideal Diode" to the USB-C output connector.

What about back powering? The ideal diode prevents power from being fed back into either USB-C port (A/B power supply).

Which power supply is used? It will draw power from the supply with the highest voltage and if the voltages equalize (due to the current draw) it will share the load on the power supplies connected to both USB-C connectors (droop method).

Where does data go? USB 2.0 data from the USB-C port (A) is connected to the output USB-C connector.

Usage Examples

  • Create a redundant power supply for a Raspberry Pi (using any mix of mains/battery USB supplies).
  • Load share with multiple supplies with a similar specification (droop method).
  • Keep your Pi (or other USB powered devices) running whilst switching between power supplies.

Please Note

  • This module is fixed to 5V - the PCB has 5.1k UFP Rd pull-down resistors on the CC pins of the inputs (5V@3A) and 10k UFP Rp pull-up resistors on the outputs CC pins (5V@3A)
  • PCB and LED colour may vary.

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