4-Way Fast Wire Connectors - Pack of 3

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These 'fast wire' connectors are really handy when you want to join multiple wires together quickly without juggling a handful of separate connector blocks.

The coloured connections on each side allow you to join different lines from your project's circuit. Each colour only connects to the opposite same colour lever i.e. you'd use one colour to connect 5V, and a different colour to connect GND. If you need something that just connects all lines together, you might want to try a Wago connector instead.

The levers have a strong snap action (watch your fingers!) holding your 28-12AWG wires securely. Simply flip them up, push your stripped wire in then clip them back down again. This model has 4 separate contacts - we have other versions with different contacts in the store.

These connectors are good for 250V 32A however we don't recommend these for household/commercial uses - stick to your low voltage projects with these.


  • 4-way fast wire lever connector
  • Individual colour-coded wiring lanes
  • 4 contacts / 4 separate connections
  • Wiring range: 28-12AWG (0.08mm to 4mm wires)
  • Rated to 250V 32A
  • Recommended for low voltage projects only
  • Dimensions: 39mm x 22mm x 15mm (approx.)

Other Versions

We have this fast wire connector in other versions too!

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