4-Way 18650 Battery Holder

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This easy-to-use 4-slot 18650 battery holder offers Micro-USB and USB-C charging inputs, five 5V 2A output solder pads, five 3.3V 1A output solder pads and one 5V USB-A output.

The board includes over-charge and over-discharge protections that greatly extends the lifespan of your 18650 batteries. There is no reverse-polarity protection onboard - please ensure you fit your batteries the right way round with the + and - clearly marked on the board!

The onboard DIP switch allows users to switch between HOLD and NORMAL modes. In Normal mode, the board will auto-shutdown when the current is too low, while in HOLD mode, it will keep outputting and does not shut down until the over-discharge protection is triggered.

This battery holder can be used as a power source for microcontrollers, outdoor equipment and other low power devices.

The onboard button controls the module - lightly press it to turn it on and long-press it for 3 seconds to turn it off. LED1, LED2, LED3 and LED4 represent the current power. When charging, the LED will blink. It stops blinking when the battery is fully charged.

Note: The maximum current is 3A (however 3A should be considered a temporary peak current only), the output also depends on the quality of the 18650 battery.

We also stock 1-way and 2-way versions!


  • Output current: 5V/2A, maximum PEAK support 3A; 3.3V/1A
  • Input: Micro and Type-C port input
  • Output:
    • USB output x1
    • 3.3V output pads x5
    • 5V output pads x5
  • LED indicator (blinking means charging, stop blinking means fully charged)

Package Contents

  • 1x 4-Way 18650 Battery Holder

Batteries not included

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