3.2" 320x240 Resistive Touch LCD (D)

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This is a generic (not device-specific) resistive touch LCD from Waveshare, offering a 320x240 resolution with 256K colours.

The LCD has an onboard touch control chip (XPT2046) and LCD controller (ILI9341), with an 8080 16-bit interface + SPI.

It comes with online documentation covering the pinout/interfaces and includes example code for STM chips (specifically the STM32F103RCT6). Whilst hardcore programmers will enjoy figuring out the interface to use this display with various development boards, this display is likely not ideal for beginners as 'quick n easy' example code is limited.

Note: this product is intended for MCUs with 2.2V~3.6V IO voltage only.


  • 320x240 resolution LCD
  • 262K colours for clear colour picture display
  • Resistive touch
  • Onboard touch control chip, a smoother touch effect than the touch panel controlled by AD pins
  • Backlight programmable for power saving
  • Online development resources and manual (example for STM32)


  • Operating voltage: 3.3V
  • Interface: 8080 Parallel + SPI
  • Display Panel: TN
  • LCD Controller: ILI9341
  • Resolution: 320x240 pixels
  • Display size: 48.6 x 64.8mm
  • Pixel Pitch: 0.198 x 0.198mm
  • Module Size: 94.97 x 62.24mm


Pin Symbol Description Function
1 5V 5V power supply When powered from 5V supply,
Pin 1 & Pin 2 as power input,
Pin 33 & Pin 34 provide 3.3V output.
2 GND Ground GND
3 ~ 18 D0 ~ D15 Data pin D0-D15
19 CS LCD chip select Low active
20 RS Register selection RS = 1 : Data Register
RS = 0 : Instruction Register
21 WR Write WR = 0, RD = 1
22 RD Read WR = 1, RD = 0
23 RESET Reset the controller chip Low active
24 NC Not connect Not connect
25 BLVCC 5V or 3.3V Backlight VCC
26 BLGND Ground Backlight GND
27 BLCNT Backlight brightness adjust Control the backlight brightness via PWM
28 TP_IRQ Touch panel interrupt Low level while the touch panel detects pressing
29 TP_CS Touch panel chip select Low active
30 TP_SCK Touch panel SPI clock connects to SPI SCK
31 TP_SI Touch panel data input connects to SPI MOSI
32 TP_SO Touch panel data output connects to SPI MISO
33 3.3V 3.3V power supply When powered from 3.3V supply,
Pin 33 & Pin 34 as power input,
Pin 1 & Pin 2 keep NC.
34 GND Ground


Package Contents

  • 1x 3.2" 320x240 Touch LCD (D)

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