2x2 AA Battery Holder with Premium Jumper Header Wires

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We've got battery holders for all sorts of needs and projects! Here's our latest addition: 4x (2x2) AA Battery Holder with Premium Header Wires.

What's so special about 'em? Well besides being a nice compact cubic shape, you can plug the wires right into a breadboard! No need to fight with those skinny stripped wires you normally get. Of course, you can always still solder them into a PCB.

The four batteries are held in series, for a nominal output of ~6V DC for 1.5V alkaline batteries, and ~4.8V for rechargeable NiMH cells. Using rechargeables will make this work nicely with nearly any 5V project, with alkalines you may want to put a 1N4001 in series to drop the voltage from 6V down to 5.3V.

Batteries not included.

Technical Details

  • Holder Dimensions: ~57 x 30 x 27.6mm
  • Weight: 9g
  • Wire length (including connectors): ~19.5cm

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