2.1" USB Monitor with AIO LCD Screen

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This 2.1" AIO (All In One) USB Monitor is a versatile all-in-one LCD display with a 480 x 480 resolution encased in an aluminium alloy CNC metal enclosure.

You can use it with your Raspberry Pi, as a secondary PC display, as a CPU water cooler screen, ambient PC display inside your PC and many more use cases! The unit also includes a music spectrum analysis function, supporting WAV audio file analysis and microphone capture.

When using this as a PC monitor, the provided Dynamic Theme Editor within the Waveshare PC Monitor software allows you to customise the theme and contents to give you the information you need in a style that suits your rig!

You'll find a MicroSD slot and USB-C port (cable included) on the edge of the screen, along with a 9-pin interface header, microphone hole and M4 screw mounting hole. A magnetic holder and double-sided tape are also included, allowing tool and fixing-free installation options.

Also available in a 2.8" version (note the 2.8" version does not come with a dedicated Raspberry Pi image).


  • macOS is not supported currently, however that may change in future updates
  • Supported systems: Win10 and Win11 (Requires a system version from 2021 or later)
  • It only supports NVIDIA and AMD discrete graphics cards and Intel and AMD integrated graphics cards

Raspberry Pi Example

Check out this example using the display as a Raspberry Pi monitor!


  • 2.1" Multi-use LCD display
  • Endless use cases - ideal as a water cooler display, Raspberry Pi monitor, secondary display and more
  • USB-C Communication
  • Music Spectrum Analysis feature
  • Display Rotation Adjustment
  • Brightness Adjustment
  • Dynamic Theme Editor
  • Magnetic Holder
  • Dimensions: 73mm x 9.7mm

What's on Board


Package Contents

  1. 1x 2.1" USB Monitor
  2. 1x Magnetic holder
  3. 1x Round double-sided tape (diameter 50mm)
  4. 1x 4GB TF card
  5. 1x 9-pin to 4-pin USB cable ~1m
  6. USB Type-A to Type-C cable ~1m

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