1.51" Transparent OLED (128 x 64)

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This transparent OLED is a captivating display module that combines cutting-edge technology with a sleek and transparent design. With a resolution of 128x64 pixels, this OLED offers sharp and vibrant visuals, presenting your content with clarity and detail. The light blue colour display sets this OLED apart, creating an eye-catching visual experience.

The OLED supports both SPI and I2C interfaces, providing flexibility in communication with various microcontrollers and development boards. Seamlessly integrate the display into your projects, whether you're using Raspberry Pi, Arduino, STM32, or other platforms. Speaking of these platforms, The OLED comes with comprehensive development resources, including examples and libraries for Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and STM32. This lets you get started quickly and show the full potential of the display, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced developers.

Its high resolution, striking light blue colour, and developer-friendly resources make it a versatile and powerful tool for creating so many different projects!

Note: The Raspberry Pi is NOT included

Connection Example - Connecting to a Raspberry Pi


  • OLED transparent module, full viewing angle
  • Adopts 4-wire SPI and I2C interface, better compatibility, fast data rate
  • Comes with development resources (examples for Raspberry Pi/Arduino/STM32)


Operating Voltage 3.3V / 5V
Pixel Pitch 0.274 × 0.274mm
Communication Interface 4-wire SPI/I2C
Display Panel OLED
Driver Embedded driver
Resolution 128 × 64 pixels*
Module Size 42.04 × 27.22mm
Display Size 35.05 × 15.32 mm
Pixel Size 0.254 × 0.254 mm
Driver Board Size 41 × 22.5 mm



VCC Power (3.3V / 5V input)
GND Ground
DIN SPI / I2C data input
CLK SPI / I2CI clock input
CS Chip selection, low active
DC Data/Command selection (high for data, low for command)
RST Reset, low active

Package Contents

  • 1x 1.51" Transparent OLED
  • 1x PH2.0 7PIN cable
  • Screws pack

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