1.27" RGB OLED Display Module (128x96, 262K Colours)

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This OLED display might be small at just 1.27", but the folks at Waveshare have managed to pack a 128x96 resolution into the panel, along with 262K colours.

This makes it great for making a tiny data display, and unlike traditional greyscale/one-colour OLEDs, you can use pretty much any colours you like to bring that information to life - be it from a weather API, 3D printer status, robotics feedback or any other data you want to throw at it.

The module uses an SSD1351 driver with SPI for communication (4-wire by default). This minimises your pin usage, keeping your GPIO for sensors and other components you want to feed this display with.

The package comes with a matching 7-pin cable with female header ends, ready to plug into your microcontroller's GPIO pins. Demo code is provided for the Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

Note: the display ships with 4-wire SPI mode enabled by default. Changing the mode to 3-wire SPI requires careful desoldering and movement of the small SMT resistors on the rear (not for beginners!).

Connection Example - Raspberry Pi

Connection Example - Arduino


  • 1.27" RGB OLED display
  • 262K colours
  • 128x96 pixels
  • Operating voltage: 3.3V/5V
  • Support interface: 4-wire SPI, 3-wire SPI (4-wire by default, SMT soldering required to change)
  • Controller: SSD1351
  • Resolution: 128(H)RGB x 96(V)
  • Dimension: 25.708mm x 19.28mm
  • Pixel size: 0.047mm x 0.185mm



Pin/label Description
VCC Power input
GND Ground
DIN Data input
SCL Clock input
CS Chip select, active low
DC Data/command signal selection:
 - Low level indicates a command
 - High level indicates data
RST Reset signal, active low

Package Contents

  • 1x 1.27" RGB OLED Module
  • 1x 7-pin GH1.25 cable

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