20-in-1 Basic Components Pack

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This is a handy pack of the most commonly used electronic components. Great for stocking up the maker bits box ready to take on different projects and tutorials!

The kit includes resistors, capacitors, capacitors and LEDs of varying ratings/styles.

Don't forget to grab a breadboard and some jumper wires!

Kit Contents


  • 2.2Ω*10
  • 10Ω* 10
  • 47Ω*10
  • 100Ω*10
  • 680Ω*10
  • 1kΩ*10
  • 10kΩ*10
  • 22kΩ*10
  • 68kΩ*10
  • 100kΩ*10
  • 330kΩ*10
  • 1MΩ*10
  • Product number: Seeed 110990034

Ceramic Capacitor

  • 100pF*10
  • 10nF*10
  • 100nF*10
  • 2.2nF*10

Electrolytic capacitor

  • 10uF* 5
  • 470uF* 5


  • 3mm Red*5
  • 3mm Green*5

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