USB-C Dual Supply Splitter (5V)

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Power your Raspberry Pi 4/5* from two 5V@3A (15W) USB-C power supplies!

The ideal diodes automatically switches between input supplies if one fails or load share between them when both are available (using the droop method). The combined power is then output on a USB-C socket which is connected to the Raspberry Pi using a short USB-C to USB-C cable (not supplied). The USB 2 data which is available on the Raspberry Pi 4 USB-C power port is broken out on the Micro USB connector.

The board is designed to fit underneath a Raspberry Pi 4/5*, connected to the Raspberry Pi 4/5 using a short USB-C to USB-C cable.

Raspberry Pi not included


On the short edge, there are 2 USB-C PWR IN A/B ports (5V@3A 15W Max). Each port has a red LED which indicates it is receiving power from the power supply and a green LED which indicates power is currently being sourced from this supply.

The short edge also has a Micro USB DATA port which is connected to the USB 2 data on the Raspberry Pi 4/5 USB-C port. By default, power is not output on this port making it ideal to use as a USB device/gadget (PiKVM for example) to connect to another computer. To use as a USB host (to connect additional USB devices to your Pi) you will need to fit the 0.1" Jumper (not supplied) for it to output 5V on a Micro-USB socket.

The long edge has a single USB-C (PWR OUT/DATA) connector which should be connected using a short USB-C cable (not supplied) to the Raspberry Pi 4/5.

    Additionally requires

    • 1 or 2 USB-C Power Supply (5V / 3A / 15W)
    • Short USB-C to USB-C (>=3A capable cable)
    • Raspberry Pi 4 or 5*

    Please Note

    • * Raspberry Pi 5 compatibility is based on publicly available information. Output power of this product is 15W 5V@3A which will limit the power output on the Pi 5 USB3 Type-A sockets to 600mA
    • PCB and LED colour may vary
    • Length of supplied M-F spacer may vary

    Package Contents

    • 1x USB-C Dual Supply Splitter (5V) PCB
    • 4x Standoffs
    • 4x Screws
    • 4x Nuts
    • 4x Washers (clear)
    • 4x Rubber feet

    Raspberry Pi not included

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