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The Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive, pocket-sized computer that will help you build and code your own hardware projects.

Raspberry Pi Projects for Kids will show you how to harness the power of the Raspberry Pi to create 12 cool projects using simple code and common materials like a webcam, microphone, and LED lights. Step-by-step instructions and detailed diagrams guide you through each project.

After a brief introduction to the Python programming language, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create an LED night-light that turns itself on and off
  • Set up a Raspberry Pi camera to take selfies and videos
  • Set up a webcam to stream video to your cell phone
  • Manipulate environments in Minecraft
  • Hijack local radio waves to play your own songs and recordings
  • Configure Raspberry Pi to send texts to a cell phone
  • Track your family members' locations via wi-fi and Bluetooth
  • Create an MP3 player
  • Set up a camera to take motion-triggered photos of wildlife
  • Control the electronics in your home with your cell phone
  • Teach Raspberry Pi to read aloud posts from your Twitter feed
  • Play “Rock, Paper, Scissors” against Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Projects for Kids will deliver hours of fun and endless inspiration!


Compatible with all Raspberry Pi models. Raspberry Pi 3 or 4 recommended - or grab a starter kit here!

Author Bio

Dan Aldred is a Computer Science teacher, freelance writer, and hacker. He has championed the use of the Raspberry Pi as a tool for learning and creativity, and is a Raspberry Pi Certified Educator. Aldred led the winning team of students for the first Astro Pi competition whose code is now orbiting Earth aboard the International Space Station. He currently lives in the United Kingdom.

Table of contents


Chapter 1: Getting Started with the Raspberry Pi
Chapter 2: Python Programming
Chapter 3: Hot Glue Night‑Light
Chapter 4: The Pi Camera: Selfie Snapper
Chapter 5: Pi Spy Part 1: Hacking Webcams for Secret Surveillance
Chapter 6: Manipulating Minecraft
Chapter 7: Radio Invasion
Chapter 8: The Automatic Texting Machine
Chapter 9: Pi Spy Part 2: Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Tracking
Chapter 10: Magic Music Box
Chapter 11: Nature Box: Motion-Sensing Camera
Chapter 12: Smart Plugs for Smart Home Hacks
Chapter 13: Mirror, Mirror: The Social Media Status Mirror
Chapter 14: Computer Games with the Sense Hat

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