Seeed XIAO SAMD21 (Pre-Soldered)

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Now with pin headers pre-soldered! This is the smallest member of the Seeeduino family. The Seeeduino XIAO (Pre-Soldered) still carries the powerful CPU-ARM® Cortex®-M0+(SAMD21G18) which is a low-power Arduino microcontroller. On the other hand, this little board has good performance in processing but requires less power. As a matter of fact, it is designed in a tiny size and can be used for Arduino wearable devices and small projects.

Apart from the strong CPU, the Seeeduino XIAO is excellent in many other ways. It has 14 GPIO pins which can be used for 11 analog PINs, 11 digital pins, 1 I2C interface, 1 UART interface and 1 SPI interface. Some pins have various functions, A1/D1 to A10/D10 have PWM functions and A0/D0 has a DAC function which means you can get true analog signals (not PWM signals) when you define it as an analog pin, that’s why 14 GPIO pins can offer more I/O and interfaces.

Moreover, the Seeeduino XIAO supports the USB Type-C interface which can supply power and download code. There are power pads at the back of the XIAO which support batteries and make it ideal for wearable devices. Except for the power LED, Seeed added a user LED on board for you to code as well. Usually, a development board at this size will use the chip’s inner crystal oscillator for time fixing, but in order to make the clock more accurate, the Seeeduino XIAO uses an extra 32.768KHz to make the clock more stable.

The Seeeduino XIAO is perfectly compatible with the Arduino IDE, you can easily develop some small projects with the help of the large and comprehensive Arduino library. The Seeeduino Wiki is also on hand to help you get started.

Note: All the I/O pins are 3.3V, please do not input more than 3.3V or the CPU may be damaged.

Key Features

  • Pre-soldered pin headers (ideal for breadboard usage!)
  • Powerful CPU: ARM® Cortex®-M0+ 32bit 48MHz microcontroller(SAMD21G18) with 256KB Flash,32KB SRAM
  • Flexible compatibility: Compatible with Arduino IDE
  • Easy project operation: Breadboard-friendly
  • Small size: As small as a thumb (20x17.5mm) for wearable devices and small projects.
  • Multiple development interfaces
    • 11 digital/analog pins
    • 10 PWM Pins
    • 1 DAC output
    • 1 SWD Bonding pad interface
    • 1 I2C interface
    • 1 UART interface,
    • 1 SPI interface


  • CPU: ARM Cortex-M0+ CPU(SAMD21G18) running at up to 48MHz
  • Storage: 256KB Flash, 32KB SRAM
  • I/O PINs: 14 GPIO PINs,11 analog PINs, 11 digital PINs, 1 DAC output Pin
  • Interface: 1 I2C interface,1 UART interface, 1 SPI interface
  • Support Q-touch function (A0,A1,A6,A7,A8,A9,A10)
  • Power supply and downloading interface: USB Type-C interface
  • LEDs: 1 user LED, 1 power LED, two LEDs for serial port downloading
  • Reset button: two reset buttons, short connect to reset
  • Power Pads: For battery power supply
  • Software compatibility: Compatible with Arduino IDE
  • Projection cover for protecting the circuit
  • Dimensions: 20x17.5x6 mm
  • Product number: Seeed 102010388

Package Contents

  • 1 x Seeeduino XIAO (Pre-Soldered)
  • 4 x Stickers



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