Pro Mini Camera Mount Assembly Guide

Pro Mini Camera Mount Assembly Guide

This guide will show you how to assemble the Pro Mini Camera Mount for Raspberry Pi Zero. All you'll need is a simple cross-head screwdriver, however we'd recommend the iFixit Mako Precision Bit Set as the nylon M2 nuts can be a little fiddly - the 4mm nut driver is perfect for these!

Step 1 – In your package, you should find 2 Perspex layers and a bag of fixings, peel the protective film off of both sides of each Perspex layer and clean off any dust.

Step 2 – Thread the four M2 bolts through the camera panel and secure into place with nuts - these will double as a stand-off/riser for the Raspberry Pi camera board.

Step 3 – Add the Raspberry Pi camera, secure into place with the remaining four M2 nuts, being careful not to overtighten - this is where that 4mm nut driver comes in really handy!

Step 4 – You'll have eight M2.5 bolts left in your fixing pack, secure the hex standoffs into place using the longer ones.

Step 5 – Add your Raspberry Pi Zero on top and secure with the remaining four (shorter) M2.5 bolts.

Step 6 – Finally, connect the camera ribbon cable to both your Raspberry Pi Zero and Raspberry Pi camera, voila!

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