Pro Mini Camera Mount Assembly Guide

This guide will show you how to assemble the Pro Mini Camera Mount for Raspberry Pi Zero. All you'll need is a simple cross-head screwdriver, however we'd recommend the iFixit Mako Precision Bit Set as the nylon M2 nuts can be a little fiddly - the 4mm nut driver is perfect for these!

Step 1 – In your package, you should find 2 Perspex layers and a bag of fixings, peel the protective film off of both sides of each Perspex layer and clean off any dust.

Step 2 – Thread the four M2 bolts through the camera panel and secure into place with nuts - these will double as a stand-off/riser for the Raspberry Pi camera board.

Step 3 – Add the Raspberry Pi camera, secure into place with the remaining four M2 nuts, being careful not to overtighten - this is where that 4mm nut driver comes in really handy!

Step 4 – You'll have eight M2.5 bolts left in your fixing pack, secure the hex standoffs into place using the longer ones.

Step 5 – Add your Raspberry Pi Zero on top and secure with the remaining four (shorter) M2.5 bolts.

Step 6 – Finally, connect the camera ribbon cable to both your Raspberry Pi Zero and Raspberry Pi camera, voila!