Raspberry Pi Roundup - a scary robot, a wifi access point and a steampunk laptop


Ingmar Stapel has written several tutorials concerning differential GPS positioning using the RTK library. He’s brought it all together for Hackster.io in the process of developing his robot, Big Bob (pictured above). That’s enough to give you nightmares! Take a look at the tutorial guide here.

Wireless Access Point

Gus, over at PiMyLifeUp, has written a great, comprehensive tutorial on creating a wi-fi access point using a Raspberry Pi 3. He goes through all the software you need to install and configure. Read the tutorial here.


I love a bit of steampunk, so this laptop caught my eye. Okay, so maybe you’d never want it on your lap, per se, but it’s still absolutely gorgeous. “Phrazelle” is the mind behind it and he created it for his girlfriend’s birthday. It has a lovely wooden case, plenty of bits and pieces bought from eBay and Etsy and key-caps to make it look like an old-fashioned typewriter.

He’s added a USB hub and generally brought all the ports to where they can be accessed usefully. It’s powered by a special battery pack that outputs 5V, 12V and 9V at the same time! You can check out his build log and how-to by visiting Instructables.