Raspberry Pi Roundup - a facial recognition timer, a clock/temperature monitor and a DIY 3D scanner

Facial Recognition

dekuNukem has created a great system for keeping track of how long you spend playing games working hard in front of your computer screen. He’s taken a Pi camera module, which is focused on the computer user and a Raspberry Pi which compares the image coming from the camera with a still of your face that you’ve previously taken. The Pi then records a counter of how long you’ve been sitting there over the past day and week. He’s added an OLED to show the counters on a piece of prototyping board. The system is called FacePunch – because you’re using your face to “punch the clock”! The whole project is documented over on GitHub.

DIY clock/temp monitor

Jeremiah Mattison has taken a Raspberry Pi Zero W, a seven-segment display with I2C backpack and an MCP9808 I2C temperature sensor and combined them to make this digital clock. The temperature sensor takes the temperature inside the room while the Zero W uses the OpenWeatherMap API to get the outside temperature. You can read how he wired it all up and programmed it on Hackster.IO.

3D Scanner

Jolar, from Oxford Hackspace, has come up with a great way of doing 3D scans that needn’t break the bank. He’s used four Raspberry Pi Zeros and 4 Pi cameras mounted to a triangular frame. Each camera is pointing at a slightly different angle and between them they capture a 3D image. The files are then uploaded to the Cloud and his laptop does the 3D image processing of the files. You can read more about the project over on Hackaday.IO.