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Raspberry Pi Roundup - 13th October 2016

Pardon for the lack of posts - spot of man flu. Back now!


Jeroen van Goor and Johan ten Broeke from the Netherlands saw a V-plotter on the Polargraph website and decided that they wanted their own version to create works of art. What they came up with was Blackstripes. Powered by a Raspberry Pi and featuring some stepper motors and wooden arms, the machines (which come in a variety of designs, sizes and configurations) are able to use many different “stick” drawing implements (such as pencils, pens, markers etc) to create stunning works of art. You can see more about the three different models they’ve created in the video below and read more on their website. You can even buy a mini version of Blackstripes so you can create your own business! You can also order art pieces by uploading your own image to their website. Prices are reasonable for the kind of effect they deliver.

Game Cartridge

Zach has taken an NES cartridge (Back to the Future… because it’s not very good!), ripped the guts out and installed a Raspberry Pi Zero inside. He’s added a USB hub so he can attach multiple game controllers and then used a 2A power supply so everything has enough power. He’s then packed the Zero’s SD card with lots of retro games via RetroPie. He’s documented the whole procedure on

Pi Power

Richard Saville (Average Man Vs Pi) also writes for for their Raspberry Pi site. He’s done a great round-up of powering options, from the easy to the slightly more difficult to manage. Take a look – nice light reading


D10D3 on Imgur (and Twitter) has taken an old (non-functioning) Commodore 64, a Raspberry Pi 3, various connectors and some custom-fabricated bits and pieces and created his very own version of the Ono-Sendai Cyberspace 7cyberdeck from cyberpunk author William Gibson’s Sprawl trilogy.  He’s uploaded lots of pictures of the build onto Imgur and has also written up the project as a how-to here.

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