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Raspberry Pi Roundup - 11th July 2016

Pi Zero Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi Roundup

Tiny, tiny

Jeremy Lee has taken a Raspberry Pi Zero and connected up an accelerometer sensor. He’s then written a driver to allow the sensor to act as a mouse and then recorded himself looking around a Minecraft world that is displayed on a tiny screen. It’s all very neat and he’s written it up as a kind of walkthrough. Take a look here or view the demo video below. It’s certainly the smallest Pi/GUI set-up I’ve ever seen!

Top 10

Ben Nuttall from the Foundation has picked his top 10 favourite add-on boards for the Raspberry Pi and published it over at Take a look here. There are some very good boards here. I would have shown some love for the 4tronix motor controller boards too, though, particularly the Picon Zero. Take a look at our range of add-on boards here.


Mark Sanders took a popcorn popping machine and converted it for use as a coffee bean roaster. However, he needed to slow the roasting cycle down a bit for the optimum taste sensation. So, he hooked up a Raspberry Pi to control the power and, voila, mucho tasty java. The MagPi has covered it here and you can read Mark’s own account with details of the build here.

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