Raspberry Pi Roundup - 21st December 2015

Raspberry Pi Roundup - 21st December 2015

Zero from LIPO

Daniel Bull has written up some excellent instructions for wiring up and soldering an Adafruit PowerBoost LiPo charger onto a Raspberry Pi. He’s used a Zero for this initial hack but you should be able to use any Raspberry Pi (the lower-powered the better). The instructions are available on GitHub and to talk to Daniel, get advice on implementing it and to discuss his approach, you can use this G+ post. It’s a brilliant hack, especially as the PowerBoost has a charging circuit built in to give you a self-contained system.

Extreme teardown

The guys over at electronupdate have taken a Raspberry Pi Zero and stripped various components off it, put it under a microscope and tried to find out what makes it tick. Here’s the video:

Yellow motors

Richard (aka Average Man) used to like taking things apart when he was a youngster. This tendency has not diminished with age and he’s turned his attention to one of those standard “yellow motors”, such as those that come with the CamJam EduKit 3. He’s done a breakdown of every part of the motor.Well worth a look for those with a curious mind!

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