Raspberry Pi Roundup - 11th November 2015

Raspberry Pi Roundup - 11th November 2015


Here's a fairly recent Pi Podcast. This one, which is number 6, features an interview with OSMC’s Sam Nazarko as well as lots of other Pi-related news. Head over there to listen to it.

Internet of LEGO

Cory Guynn has built an entire city out of LEGO and then connected up various sensors and motors to it to sense and control aspects of the city. He has then used node.js and NodeRED on a Raspberry Pi to develop an application to send IOT messages to online service PubNub. It really is an impressive piece of work and goes to show what you can do with enough space, enough LEGO and enough imagination. Read about the development of the app here and visit the homepage for the city here.


Richard Lynch is a Boston, MA-based software engineer who loves the Raspberry Pi. He decided to use the Pi to monitor whether his garage door had opened. To do this, he used the usual equipment plus a magnetic sensor to determine the state of the door. He then did a bit of programming that would email, tweet and SMS when the door opened. Read about it here and here.

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