Raspberry Pi Roundup - 12th August 2015


Arvid Larsson has always been fascinated by Polaroid cameras, and considered buying one. Then he worked out how much each print costs! So, he took a Raspberry Pi, a camera module and a thermal printer and made his own. A smart 3D-printed case completed the project and, I think you’ll agree, it looks lovely. More details here.


Yvo de Haas at Ytec3D previously worked on the Pip-Boy 3000 which was a wearable personal assistance device inspired by a device with the same name from the Fallout series of computer games. With the advent of Fallout 4 being announced, de Haas has updated his version of the device to the “Mark IV” which even includes a working tape deck, built into the wrist-mounted device. It’s currently using a Nexus mobile phone to power it, but can be modified to take a Raspberry Pi for better hacking opportunities. You can read more about the build and even download the files to 3D print your own here.


Richard Hayler previously wrote a small app to create animations for the Astro Pi Sense HAT. Following a question from his son, he has now re-factored the app so that you can create animations for the 8×8 Neopixel matrix on the Unicorn HAT. Take a look here and download the code.

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