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Raspberry Pi Roundup - 12th August 2015

Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi Roundup


Arvid Larsson has always been fascinated by Polaroid cameras, and considered buying one. Then he worked out how much each print costs! So, he took a Raspberry Pi, a camera module and a thermal printer and made his own. A smart 3D-printed case completed the project and, I think you’ll agree, it looks lovely. More details here.


Yvo de Haas at Ytec3D previously worked on the Pip-Boy 3000 which was a wearable personal assistance device inspired by a device with the same name from the Fallout series of computer games. With the advent of Fallout 4 being announced, de Haas has updated his version of the device to the “Mark IV” which even includes a working tape deck, built into the wrist-mounted device. It’s currently using a Nexus mobile phone to power it, but can be modified to take a Raspberry Pi for better hacking opportunities. You can read more about the build and even download the files to 3D print your own here.


Richard Hayler previously wrote a small app to create animations for the Astro Pi Sense HAT. Following a question from his son, he has now re-factored the app so that you can create animations for the 8×8 Neopixel matrix on the Unicorn HAT. Take a look here and download the code.

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