Raspberry Pi Roundup - 5th August 2015


Rasmus Hauschild is 14 years old and from Denmark. He has created a portable retro games console with the Pi and some nifty 3D printing. He has posted up the 3D files and various scripts onto Thingiverse. Bear in mind that this isn’t an Instructable – it has a list of items that you’ll need to get to replicate the project, but no instructions on how to do it. However, if you do a Google around, you’ll soon find that instructions are out there. Take a look at the ‘thing’ here.

Internet of Things

Jeremy Morgan has written an excellent, comprehensive tutorial on reading data from a waterproof 1-wire temperature sensor and then outputting it to screen. He has then expanded on this to push the data up to online service Firebase. Read the tutorial here.

We use an identical method to grab data from a temperature sensor with the second CamJam EduKit. So, if you’d like to get into reading sensors, take a look at the kit, available from The Pi Hut, here.


Daniel Stinebaugh wanted to replace his Chevy’s failing head unit with a Raspberry Pi. So, he ripped the old one out and fitted the Pi and a wireless router in it’s place. The Pi runs Volumio and he’s also using the DAC+ HAT from HiFiBerry to route the signal to an amplifier. Read more about the project here. He’s been left with a system which is, in his opinion, vastly superior to any head unit out there with a lot of flexibility and gorgeous sound.

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