Droning on

Beaneboper from Soldering Sunday has modified a remote-controlled Nerf TerraDrone so that his son can remotely control it and see what it is pointing at. He’s used the Pi Surveillance article from Makezine to set-up the camera part. Read more here.

Music Hotspot

Dr Peter Kummel has developed Juplic which is a music player capable of being its own wi-fi hotspot or playing music from the Internet like a radio. The images are downloadable from his website.

Music & Motion

Here’s a nice Instructable tutorial from . She uses an infra-red sensor that detects when the beam is broken and then plays music. The sensor is set-up across a doorway so that when someone comes through the door, omxplayer is triggered and sound comes out. It’s interesting because the normal way of doing this sort of thing is to use a PIR sensor. Read the Instructable here.