Raspberry Pi Roundup - 20th May 2015

Java & Sensors

Jose Cruz has continued his series on using sensors on a Raspberry Pi with Java. (You can see part 1 here) This time he tackles initialising the I2C bus on the Pi and then using Java to read sensor data from the bus. Very useful if you’re into Java! Read more here. You can get hold of a lot of great I2C devices from our sister site, Makersify - take a look!


Harrison Bradley, Jeff Bertel and Marc Welsh studied on the Advanced Mechatronics course at Georgia Tech. They’ve created an apparatus which takes in a piece of waste and then automatically sorts it depending on what the object is identified as: cans to the left, bottles to the right, landfill to the centre. It is currently a prototype but they have a patent pending. Here's a promotional video for their invention:


Richard Hayler (who has previously done very many cool things with a Pi) has developed his own “kite mapping” rig using a Raspberry Pi. He’s taken a model A+, a camera module, an Xtrinsic Sensor board and a ProtoCam prototyping board, meshed them together and come up with a slightly unwieldy, but very effective flying photography station. You can read more and see more of the results here.

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